Things You Better Learn Before Buying a Car

No one ever said that shopping for a car would be easy! There are so many things to take into consideration, not speaking about negotiation skills you should have.The following tips will help you find the best car without having to spend too much time and effort on a search.

Prepare for a purchase beforehand – you will have much more negotiation power if you learn more about the way the car operates and the financial options they offer. If you look through the customer reviews, you will be able to avoid scams that are frequent in the field. Make sure you’ve learned the trade value of your current car before you start searching for a new one.

Ask a dealer for extended test drive instead of going around the block once. Think well who will be riding in the car regularly and bring them with you for a ride, so that you know their opinion. Take the case to a freeway so that you have a chance to check the blind spots of it and see if the interior is really comfortable.

If you consider buying a used car, don’t close a deal before you check the car. If you are not qualified in mechanics, address a professional. You should do the same if you are buying a car online – paying a hundred dollars to mechanic may later save you couple thousands. Looking for a car online can be a good option and certainly a comfortable one. You can get one on a classified website in your area.

During the negotiation process don’t go too deeply into details like clear coat, extended warranty or fabric care options – these can be purchased later for a fraction of the price. Otherwise you will have to pay for these features over the whole length of your loan.

Even though you may worry about the amount of monthly payments, don’t negotiate them until you’ve negotiated the final price of the vehicle. Otherwise you end up having an extended length of the loan and raised interest (dealers often do so to make the payments smaller, but you will in fact pay a lot more).

Look out for the advertising payments – you don’t have to pay those. They are usually tacked on to new cars, but if your salesman doesn’t remove this fee, ask to speak to a manager.

If you’ve decided on the model of the car you want to buy, call the dealership and ask of they have it. If not, you shouldn’t even go, as otherwise you may be talked into buying a different car that you are not sure of. Thus, by calling in advance you will both save time and money.

Refuse any warranty options offered on used cars – they are usually overpriced and don’t cover the significant repairs. Opt for a warranty offered by a trusted warranty company – this is worth the money.

When it comes to closing the deal, read the contract carefully and see if the term described are those you agreed to. If they are not, ask the dealer to change them before you sign.

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Ford Transit Skyliner Concept at the New York International Auto Show

Ford shows at the New York International Auto Show 2014 from 18 to 27 April, among other Transit Skyliner Concept, an ultra-luxury concept car based on the Ford Transit van with long wheelbase and high roof.

Ford Transit Skyliner Concept

The Transit Skyliner Concept is based on the new generation of the Ford Transit, which is already available for purchase in the German trade and is yet to come this year also on the North American market. The study testifies to the almost unlimited versatility of the new Ford Transporter series and their adaptability to the special needs of high-end transport service providers and fleet customers. When transit Skyliner the conveniences of modern luxury coaches served as a model. Continue reading

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Bentley Hybrid Concept at the Beijing Auto Show in the luxury segment

On Sunday, April 20, Bentley Hybrid Concept is presented at the International Motor Show in Beijing. As standard, the drive is from 2017 in the first plug-in hybrid model of the British, the new Bentley SUV will be available.

Bentley Hybrid Concept

The Bentley plug-in hybrid study thus enriching the luxury car segment with a completely new engine option. Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, said: “The plug-in hybrid technology fully meets the requirements of Bentley regarding superior luxury and effortless power delivery. The combination of our famous motors with an electric drive can optimally to advantage the strengths of both components. As a consequence, we will be offering this drive shape gradually across our model portfolio. At the end of the current decade, 90 percent of our production models will be on request as plug-in hybrids available”. Continue reading

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The one millionth Duster runs from volume

In the Brazilian Renault Curitiba plant recently ran the one millionth Duster from the tape. The popular compact SUV is marketed under the Renault and Dacia brands in more than 100 countries and built in five locations around the world.


The one millionth Duster was not included in the Museum, but a proud Brazilian buyer. “The Duster is the world in every way an impressive success”, Arnaud Deboeuf informed, the Director of Entry program of the Renault Group. “Under the Renault brand it serves perfectly the changed demands of our international clients and contributes to the dynamic growth of Renault in the emerging countries. Under the Dacia Duster emblem has won in Europe and the Mediterranean region, thanks to its attractive designs and excellent value for money, many new customers to the brand. Thus, the Duster is a true conqueror”. Continue reading

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New Mercedes C-Class with excellent allergy label

Mercedes-Benz receives for its car models the quality seal of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF – European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation). Recently, the new Mercedes C-Class was awarded by the ECARF.

Mercedes C-Class

This Mercedes-Benz is the only car manufacturer who leads the ECARF quality seal. It honors products whose Allergy friendliness the ECARF has scientifically analyzed. “We are pleased that the allergy friendliness of our Mercedes-Benz passenger cars is now occupied by the ECARF Seal also by independent scientific”, said Dr. Jörg Breuer, Director of Certification, and Regulatory Affairs & Environment of Daimler AG at the award ceremony of the new Mercedes C-Class W205. “For the continuous improvement of indoor air quality has for decades been an essential aspect of component and material development for Mercedes-Benz vehicles”. Continue reading

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Frau leather refined Infiniti models

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2014 is there to see two particularly preppy Infiniti models: The Infiniti Q50 Infiniti QX70 and the beefed were vigorously from leather and furniture experts Poltrona Frau – in the literal sense.


For refining the two Infiniti models said Piero Valentini, Director of Interiors in Motion at Poltrona Frau: “The biggest challenge was to implement the best features of our furniture, our attention to detail and the characteristic signature of Poltrona Frau in the vehicles. Poltrona Frau and Infiniti have many similarities – elegance, detail and passion for detail. No wonder, then, that our highly successful collaboration designed. “We would always come first, no matter what we have in mind. The collaboration with Infiniti was therefore a logical step”. Continue reading

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Eibach Suspension for the BMW 2er Coupe

With the new BMW 2er Coupe, Bayern establish conceptual directly to the potent 2002 from the 70s. With numerous specially tuned Eibach suspension products can the Fahrydynamik from 2er Coupe increase from now on.

BMW 2er Coupe

The new BMW 2er range comes from the factory with a dynamic setup. Using the Pro-Kit driver find their personal ideal line but even easier. The performance Eibach springs lower the center of gravity of the BMW 2er coupe a little way from and to optimize the handling. Also, the dynamic performance benefits of lowering. The BMW coupe would be a little clearer stand out from production models, uses an alternative to the Sportline Performance Springs Sports. Continue reading

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BMW M4 Cabrio 2014: all about the two for one of BMW sports coupe and convertible at once

Just recently emerged the first rays of sun, spring warmth that invites the top down and enjoy a walk in the fresh air, and if you seasoned the roar of the new six-cylinder BMW, and Turbocharged download rearing its power up to 431 hp, the better.

BMW M4 Cabrio 2014

The BMW M4 Cabrio is here with a new name, a new name that does not prevent brand customers continue to enjoy a convertible with four seats wider than ever and a hardtop, convertible metal roof that folds into three parts in the trunk space. It is a more modest and reasonable alternative to the BMW M6 Cabrio, which also used a canvas roof stands out with its eight-cylinder vee, 552 hp and price slashing 160,000 euros. But we know the exact price, still, the BMW M4 Cabrio probably leave with more than 93,000 euros price. And as we saw in the BMW M3 and M4 Coupe, will be formed, as it somehow with a straight six and 431 supercharged horsepower. Continue reading

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Suzuki dealers give gas in the first quarter of 2014 vigorously

The Suzuki dealer grew sharply compared with the first quarter of last year by 27 percent compared to the market and occupied a top position. A total of 6,604 Suzuki passenger cars were registered in the first three months of this year.


The German Suzuki dealer located with 6,604 new registrations in the first quarter of calendar year 2014 in the local passenger car market very well on track. Compared to the same period last year climbed the registrations of new cars Suzuki increase by a whopping 27 percent. Compared to the total market increased by 5.4 percent, the jump of the Suzuki vastly fails models. It is a leading position. With this thrust of the Japanese all-wheel-and small-car specialist is one of the fastest growing brands on the German car market. Continue reading

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Citroen DS5 LS R debuts in Beijing

At the Beijing Motor Show, Citroen presented a new and unique study of the Citroen DS5 LS: the concept car DS5 LS R. The sporty model accentuates all the virtues of the DS5 LS as the performance or quality materials.

Citroen DS5 LS R

The Citroen DS5 LS R fired as well as the DS3 Racing is a 1.6 liter turbo gasoline engine with 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The power was transmitted by a sequential gearbox with shift paddles on the steering wheel. Compared with the LS-series version of the Citroen DS5 Concept Car has a lowered by 15 mm suspension and a wider track front. The exclusive body color carmine at their metallic matt iridescent effects the sporty lines of the DS5 LS R effectively staged. Rear diffuser, front bumper and side skirts made of real carbon miss the Citroen Tuning unique a powerful note. Continue reading

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