Motorcycle vs car, what are the braking distances?

I have always been very interested in developing the best braking technique for security reasons, to know how to stop a bike in the shortest possible distance allows us to avoid an accident. On the other hand I’ve always known that a motorcycle brakes in a much shorter distance than a car, and I’ve always feared that in an emergency braking a car behind me to stop and not reach overwhelm me.

Motorcycle vs car

I looked for the best possible data on the Internet, especially field testing, field tests of braking distance, and got a street bike does a negative acceleration of 15 m/s2, however a car achieves only about 6 m/s2. I’m taking for this very conventional street bike, whereas in the case of cars this setting for cars with good brakes, as braking tests found no more normal car in Chile, but I think I can assume that the capacities braking are worse than the data I used. One thing on which all experts agree is that the reaction time of a person in an emergency is 0.75 seconds, here is almost absolute consensus, but some argue that a distracted person can react in a full second. But to my calculation assumed that all drivers are aware of the road.From these data a table I calculated the distance traveled by a vehicle in 0.75 seconds at different speeds, then calculated the stopping distance for cars and motorcycles, they added up the distance covered before reacting, and reached a bike slows down more or less half the distance a car. The higher the speed the greater the difference in favor of the bike, since the distance covered before reacting is less important within the total stopping distance.

Minimum distances

braking distances

Stopping distances are calculated MINIMUM, I assume that both cars and motorcycles are run by people who know how good the tires and brakes are in perfect condition and the pavement is dry and has good adhesion. Any of these factors does not meet these conditions makes stopping distances may be long brutally.

ABS brakes for me are one of the best inventions of the last century have contributed to security and have improved braking ability of any driver that the inventor should have a Nobel prize. Viewing the various tests of braking ABS concluded that the errors corrected as well to stop the distances are shortened considerably. I never buy a motorcycle or a car that does not have ABS brakes. Thanks to the ABS does not take an expert to get good braking braking, just press the brakes with all our strength, that ABS correct any of our wheels skid.

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