Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition, the definitive farewell Transporter T2

Without a doubt one of the icons in the world of the vans are the Volkswagen Transporter T1 and T2. The first were guilty of not detract from seeing the vans and commercial vehicles only, becoming also leisure vehicles memorable appearance. The Transporter T2 reinforced what the T1 began, and the rest – as they say – is history.The Volkswagen Transporter T2 was manufactured in Hannover (Germany), between 1967 and 1979 … but in Brazil has been making so far, believe it or not.

Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition

So we are talking about at the time of the Volkswagen Kombi Brazilian, in an interview on old cars still manufactured today. In many ways a completely anachronistic vehicle, which only in 2005 resigned air-cooled engine – prone heaters – for instance. But everything comes to an end, and Volkswagen Brazil announced the end of production of the Volkswagen Transporter T2c, or Kombi in Brazil. Nearly 50 years of history, the final point is 600 units limited edition Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition.

Details nostalgic nods to the past of the Volkswagen Transporter

The van incorporates historical details and winks Transporter range. That is why the wheels have been painted white, shod with tires “white-walls”. The body is painted in light blue, but over the entire glass surface is white. Another detail that may go unnoticed is the logo commemorating 56 years of production of the Transporter in Brazil or the type plate on the carrier, indicating the position of the vehicle in question in 600 units.

Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition

The interior gets the same colors for upholstery, while the other remains motionless details: A simple dashboard as could be, simple instrumentation and audio system with connectivity USB. No airbag – and its best not to ask for the crash-test – and it is the strangest thing to see in these times a carrier so clear. The load capacity is 9 people, with still room for luggage. The rear engine is a small 1.4 to 78 hp water-cooled, tested, reliable and content consumption.

It develops 80 hp when running on ethanol, the second most popular fuel in Brazil. The benefits are not known but are certainly modest. Volkswagen is selling this special edition exclusively for the Brazilian market, at a price of 85.000 reales (to change, about € 26,800). Until now, it was possible to buy a Kombi in Europe through a Dutch importer – at a premium more than considerable – but it will be hard to get units this year goodbye.

However, it says that the icons never die, even for decades continue to see hundreds of these vans in South America, in the same way that the Volkswagen Beetle “Beetle” that was made in Mexico still has hundreds of thousands.

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